Heather Open Toe Grip Footie Socks With *Power Pads*

SKU: KT130124S-08-Small


Ankle-length socks are ideal for everyday use. The two-tone instep and sole combination stands-out well. The sole comes with reinforced arch supports called Knitido Power Pads that are characteristic of the brands. Furthermore, these socks come with the logo on the heel and a Knitido grip on the sole.

  • 87% Organic Cotton, 9% Nylon, 2% Acrylic, 1% Polyester, 1%Spandex
  • Machine wash, tumble dry low
  • Made by Craftsman in Japan

What are Power Pads?
Power Pads are patented cushion pads that are knitted directly into the sole of a toe sock (US 10876231 B2).

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