We believe strongly in the traditional Eastern way of thinking that exercising the toes is essential to promoting circulation and improving your body’s overall health. We are proudly the first company in Japan to produce five-toed socks (Thanks to contributions of a local glove factory), and since 1974, we shipped 150 million pairs of socks all around the world.

We understand life can be really stressful, but healthy feet and good exercise are critical to returning energy back to our bodies that we all need. For this reason, we create socks of which make you feel good when you exercise. In order to create our iconic yoga sock brand, Knitido+, we collaborated with a sock designer who is also a yoga and pilates instructor. It is our wish since 1974 to contribute to the health and well-being of human society around the world.

Wellness is the basis of true health of which includes eating properly, wearing good clothes, and exercising regularly.

Provide people with clothing that improve and promote a healthier lifestyle.

We believe taking care of ourselves as well as others lead to a better, healthier, and more peaceful  world.