knitido+ The Best Known Toe Socks Brand in Japan

About knitido+

knitido+ is a Japanese brand and manufacturer specializing in toe socks. We have been at the forefront of inventing high-performance socks since 1974, featuring innovations like our patented Power Pads (US Patent 10876231 B2).

Established in 1981, knitido+ has consistently led the industry as a pioneer in the development and production of toe socks. Our core philosophy centers around the theme of "Wellness," emphasizing the importance of a balanced integration of "Motion (workout)," "Apparel (wear/socks)," "Nutrition (food/drink)," and "Nature" in our daily lives. We firmly believe that maintaining this equilibrium is paramount for the overall well-being of both mind and body.

Within this holistic approach, we have placed a particular emphasis on our "5 toe socks," designed for use during workouts. Recognizing that feet serve as the foundation supporting the body, we advocate the practice of extending and spreading the toes as the optimal way to promote foot health and provide comprehensive body support. These socks are not only ideal for various workouts such as yoga, Pilates, and running, but they also offer functionality, exceptional comfort, and meticulous attention to detail in areas including materials, knitting techniques, design, colors, and sole grip.

At knitido+, we aim to go beyond merely creating and selling products; we aspire to introduce you to new dimensions of wellness and value that you may not have explored yet.


The Origin of Our Logo

Our logo draws inspiration from the toes of a newborn baby, reflecting the natural shape and inherent functionality of a baby's toes. By combining "n = toe," we have created a logo that symbolizes our brand's essence.