knitido+ Toe Socks Function

"The feet are the foundation of the body," and spreading your five toes is the best way to consider foot health and overall support.

knitido+'s socks are perfect for workouts like yoga, Pilates, and running.

4 Key Features of knitido+ 5 Toe Socks

Organic Cotton

Most knitido+ products are crafted using organic cotton, known for its soft texture.


Enhanced grip achieved by adding more thickness compared to regular anti-slip socks.

Shock Absorption

Featuring patented Air Cushion (Patent No. 6415680) for protecting your feet from shocks.


3D knitting ensures a perfect fit to your foot shape, preventing slipping as they wrap around your ankles.


3 Arch Functions to Support the Body

knitido+ socks are designed to support the "Three Arches" of your feet, providing extra comfort. 

What are the 3 Arches?


A-B: Transverse Arch

Responsible for maintaining posture when standing.

B-C: Lateral Longitudinal Arch

Absorbs shocks during movement.

A-C: Medial Longitudinal Arch

Transmits the force of movement to the ground during walking and exercise.


Knitido+'s Molded Knitting Technique

A: Molded Knitting Technique

Designed to fit the shape of your foot. Widening towards the toes and decreasing stitches around the arch provide a comfortable fit.

B: Toe Joint Fit

Designed to match the position of your toe joints, ensuring a snug fit.

C: Three-Dimensional Toe Pockets

Designed to fit the three-dimensional shape of your toes.

D: W-Heel

A formation that fits the round shape of the heel, reducing worries of sock slippage.


World's First Air Cushion

knitido+ has been providing innovative and functional items made with high-quality materials since its establishment in 1974.

Basic Air Cushion

Five-toe socks that bring out the balance, cushioning, and spring power inherent in your feet. Two air cushions in the midfoot provide balance and stability, suitable for everyday use.


Run Air Cushion

Five-toe socks designed for running and other sports, equipped with air cushions, arch support, and an original grip. Strong stretch material in the arch support section enhances stability and endurance.


Beauty Air Cushion

Five-toe socks with an air cushion that lifts the arch and an original grip. The central air cushion in the forefoot lifts the center of gravity, elongating the spine and supporting a beautiful posture and gait.


Core Grip

Five-toe socks with a powerful grip and stylish design. The grip is 1.5 times thicker than the original, providing excellent grip strength.


Recommended for...

- Those looking for gentle materials on their skin.

- Those who want to avoid cold feet.

- Yogis who want to maintain strong poses.

- Those who want to enhance their exercise capabilities by firmly supporting their feet.

- Those seeking relief from knee pain.

- Those who want to protect their feet with pain-free five-toe socks.

knitido+ socks are designed to fit the natural shape of your feet, providing comfort. They prevent cold feet, allow freedom of toe movement, and offer a comfortable fit due to the use of organic cotton. With excellent grip during yoga, you can hold poses firmly and improve your core strength. Give knitido+ 5-toe socks a try today!