Our Organic Cotton

Most of knitido+'s toe socks are crafted from "Organic Cotton," also referred to as "organic cultivation cotton." Organic cotton is grown in fields where no chemical agents, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers have been used for at least three consecutive years.

This cultivation method helps reduce environmental pollution caused by chemicals and promotes the well-being of the individuals working in these fields.

For knitido+ products, we use Indian organic cotton and employ combed yarn to enhance the texture and overall quality.

* Some products may incorporate regular cotton in specific patterned or aligned sections.


Understanding "BOTANICALDYE" Organic Cotton

"BOTANICALDYE" organic cotton is a method that combines naturally extracted dyes from plants, at the nano level, with safe and modern chemical dyes for coloring.

This approach achieves practical colorfastness that was previously unattainable using traditional natural dyes.

By blending dyed cotton with natural, undyed cotton, we can achieve exquisite shades inspired by plants. This eco-friendly fiber significantly reduces the use of dyes and water, making it environmentally friendly.


knitido+ "BOTANICALDYE" products use natural dye extracts for each color:

  • C/#21 Oatmeal (Osmanthus)
  • C/#05 Yellow (Sunflower)
  • C/#36 Fuchsia Pink (Carnation)
  • C/#61 Pale Mint (Gardenia)
  • C/#85 Purple (Pansy)
  • C/#11 Light Gray (Japanese Morning Glory Maroon Black)


* The darker gray sections used for the sole and pattern threads are extracted from "bamboo charcoal." * Black color is achieved using traditional chemical dyes.