World's First Air Cushion

Our feet serve as the foundation supporting our bodies and are the cornerstone of human anatomy. By allowing your five toes to move freely, you empower the nerves in your toes, enabling your feet to tap into their innate capabilities.

Since its establishment in 1974, knitido+ has consistently delivered innovative and functional items using top-quality materials. The latest addition to knitido+'s lineup incorporates the world's first air cushion, as patented under Patent No. 6415680, woven into the insole. This cushion is designed to "lift" and "support" the arches of your feet, providing support for your entire body.


Basic Air Cushion

These 5-toe socks are designed to bring out the inherent balance, cushioning, and springiness of the soles of your feet. With two air cushions in the midfoot area, they provide greater stability, making it easier to stand comfortably. They are the perfect everyday choice.


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Run Air Cushion

Ideal for runners and sports enthusiasts, these 5-toe socks come with air cushioning, arch support, and an original grip. The arch support section incorporates flexible stretch material, ensuring stable feet and increased endurance during sports and running activities.


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Beauty Air Cushion

These 5-toe socks feature an air cushion that lifts your arches and an original grip. The central air cushion in the forefoot section elevates your center of gravity, straightens your spine, and stabilizes your arches with midfoot compression. They provide support for a beautiful posture and gait.

Core Grip

These 5-toe socks combine strong grip and stylish design. With a grip thickness 1.5 times that of the original grip, they offer powerful traction.


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